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ASUS Aura sync doesn’t detect my motherboard RGB LED lights FIX

Prime B450M-A II Motherboard with aRGB socket.

If you encounter problem with your Aura Sync RGB Led, you try everything, updating the pilote, updating Armoury Crate, Asus Creator, uninstalling Armoury Crate with the ASUS full uninstall software, you tried turning OFF and ON the LED BIOS in advances setting, and restarting ASUS process in Task manager… Here is my solution for you that fixed it for my computer after 2 days of searching.

  • Turn your PCU switch off 1 min. aRGB socket and motherboard inner bios memory stay ON even when you turn OFF your computer. I encounter the problem with my setup, i went to hundreds of pages and 30 different ways to fix it. NON OF THEM WORK. in despair I try out of luck to just switch it OFF with the Power Supply Switch. So the motherboard would go OFF totally. And it Work.
    When I reboot my PC, I went to Armoury Crate and the motherboard was there. THAT’S IT. Hope it helps.

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